Saturday, December 19, 2009

Windows Live Writer

This is my first post on blog spot using windows live write. There is no special content in this post. I wanted to check if all plug-ins will work as they are supposed to work.

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using System;
internal class MySampleClass
void MySampleClass()
//Do nothing;

Let’s see how all these things reflects back to my blog spot blog.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Linked In - Sophisticated version of Monster job

I’m using linked-in from past one year now and initially I felt it is a nice networking tool for people looking to connect with people with similar appetite towards technology. Suppose, if I’m looking out for a mentor, it is actually tough to achieve this using linked in. What best you can do is this, message your friends and ask them if they know anybody who can mentor you and keep doing this till you get a nice mentor. Another point that I notice nowadays is that, I get random messages from people asking for recommendations. Few days back I got one message asking me to recommend him. Surprisingly, I never worked with that guy and my knowledge about his work is ZERO. I don’t know why people do these things. Linked in is becoming a place full of false recommendations which is very sad. I always make a point that I never make any false recommendations. I think it is bad for the industry. I feel it is becoming sophisticated version of monster job or naukri.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

SQL Server - Size of Index Table for Each Index

I'm a regular reader of Pinal's SQL Authority blog. Few days back, he posted a puzzle to find index size of each index on table. I was able to solve the puzzle and my solution was one of the two solutions selected by Pinal.

Check it out from here

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A little amusing observation,
IsolationLevel enumeration defined in the System.Transactions namespace looks something like this:
public enum IsolationLevel

By definition, chaos means -"a state of extreme confusion and disporder. " Initially I was not able to understand what is the whole purpose of having this option (that too with a funny name)
After doing some reading (on MSDN) and talking (with peer devs), this is what I understood.

Chaos Isolation Level - Behaves the same way as Read Uncommited, with additional features as stated below:

  • It permits viewing uncommitted changes by other transactions
  • It checks any other uncompleted update transactions with higher restrictive isolation levels to ensure not to raise any conflics i.e. any oending changes from more highly isolated transactions cannot be overwritten
  • Rollback is not supported in this isolation level

If you want to perform read operations over once per transaction, then go for the Chaos isolation level

Chaos isolation level is present in SSIS as well. Select the task or container on which you want to set the isolation level. Then go to the properties and set the property named IsolationLevel to Chaos.

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