Friday, February 19, 2010

Back from Redmond

Few weeks back I visited Microsoft office in Redmond, WA. That trip turned out to be a super roller coaster ride. Day I landed in our office some unexpected very high priority work came up and we started work on it without wasting any time. I got to work with some top technical and management guys.

During my work I interacted with various Microsoft GM’s and members of top leadership team. I also got a chance to work with SQL Server Query Optimization Engine team members like Lubor Kollar. Lubor is the one who designed partitioned tables and CTEs in SQL Server. He suggested few query optimization points related to my work as well. On my last day in Redmond, he gifted me one of his latest book on Query Optimization. Awesome! book.

First 2 weeks were quite hectic in terms of work. We worked for almost 12 hrs daily and yes we worked on weekends too. After first 2 weeks we got time to visit some really nice places in Redmond. We visited Snoqualmie, Mount Reiner and Seattle Downtown.

This year I’m concentrating on WCF, SQL Server Query Optimization and some misc stuff like power shell. I’ll continue posting blog entries related to these.