Saturday, April 18, 2009

Safer Source Control Settings in Visual Studio 2008

There is a section for Source Control settings under Visual Studio IDE options where we can set check in and checkout behavior. Two important settings are:

* Save: Check out automatically (default)
* Editing: Check out automatically (default)

As per my experience these defaults are not good/ safe. These settings could result in:

* Checking out files without knowledge, as even a single click or key press will automatically checkout the files.
* Checking out files in share mode by default is again not a good option as it lets multiple users to work on same file simultaneously. If we require then we can do this for files where want to have this kind of flexibility but giving this as default is not good.

I suggest, we all should change these settings on our boxes to:

* Save: Prompt for checkout
* Editing: Prompt for exclusive checkouts

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